The Forensic Experts Group: Expert Forensic Science in Singapore

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Forensic science can often make, break or solve a case.  But when your case goes to court, do you have a full understanding of how the evidence was collected and processed? Do you have a clear understanding of what the forensic report says and how it will impact the outcome of your case? If not, you are putting your side of the courtroom at a disadvantage before the trial even begins.

Right People to Deliver the Right Results

The Forensic Experts Group is a team of accomplished forensic scientists who are combining their years of specialised knowledge, unique experience and skillsets to make professional forensic science accessible to all, regardless of which side of the courtroom they sit on. Our mandate is to use objective scientific evidence to bring the TRUTH to LIGHT.

We are the first private and independent one stop centre to provide a comprehensive suite of forensic services in Singapore and beyond to meet your pressing needs:

  • Consultancy
  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Training
  • Education

What Sets Us Apart

TFEG’s services possess the following unique characteristics:

  1. Span a wide spectrum of forensic disciplines, many of which provide great value to key stakeholders involved in the administration of justice,
  2. Deliver holistic services through five distinctive but synergistic channels: consultancy, research, analysis, training and education.
  3. Our large and diverse market comprises the general public, law enforcement, security and other investigative agencies, legal fraternities, forensic institutes, learning institutions, both locally and regionally.

What sets TFEG apart is our ability to successfully work with technically challenging and complex cases. Our experts are in a vantage position to provide a holistic and comprehensive perspective of the entire forensic science process: from the crime scene to the court. Our forensic reports and court testimonies have withstood the most rigorous scientific and judicial scrutiny. We also possess the real casework experience and know-hows to inject reality into our forensic education and training programmes, and research projects.

Finding the Right Solutions for You

We will help you determine whether physical evidence was processed in a proper manner at the scene and in the laboratory. We will also assist you in analysing the forensic report thoroughly in order to put forth your best line of reasoning in Court. We will help you understand that report, ascertain whether an Expert’s opinion is overstated or understated, and determine whether the findings are sufficiently supported by scientific data. We can advise on the quality of a forensic report, significance of forensic findings, as well as the interpretation and implications of negative evidence.

If you are prosecuting a case, you can depend on us to help you make the most out of the physical evidence you have collected from a scene. Whether you need help to ensure that all necessary evidence is recognised and collected properly or you need assistance with examination methods and analytical testing, you can count on our experience and knowledge to help you put together the best case possible with the physical evidence available.

If you need training for your group or organisation, we can help as well. Our forensic experts provide a variety of training courses, from basic to advanced levels, for your colleagues or organisation.  Our experts also offer complete educational options for classroom use as well.  This helps younger students to learn about forensic science and let them discuss real-world forensic issues with our experts.

Why Trust The Forensic Experts Group?

When you bring The Forensics Expert Group (TFEG) onto your team, you enlist a team of accomplished forensic scientists who were former leading forensic scientists in a government forensic laboratory in Singapore, who are combining their many years of specialised knowledge, unique experience and skillsets to deliver high quality forensic services both locally and overseas. Members of our team have worked on some of the biggest cases that have hit Singapore headlines over the past two decades. We are experts in all of the following:

  1. Bloodstain pattern
  2. Counterfeit drugs
  3. Controlled drugs and Toxicology
  4. Damage, Marks and Prints (e.g. Firearms, Toolmarks, Shoeprints and Impressions)
  5. Fires and Explosions
  6. Questioned Documents (e.g. Handwriting, Signature)
  7. Scene analysis and Reconstruction
  8. Scientific simulations
  9. Trace Evidence
  10. Traffic Accident Reconstruction
  11. Unknown chemicals and materials

Our scientists are in a vantage position to launch and provide these services, having distilled the essence of years of experience as former leading scientists in a government forensic laboratory in Singapore, through the following areas:

  1. Group of scientistsPioneering and establishing many of the forensic capabilities and services, introducing new technologies, and setting up of quality management systems in the above forensic disciplines;
  2. Development of forensic capabilities in quality management and trace evidence in Asia,
  3. Authoring and presenting well over 150 scientific papers;
  4. Being recognised in the Courts as leading experts in their areas of expertise;
  5. Having represented Singapore as members in North American, European and international expert working groups,
  6. Provision of numerous trainings for both local and overseas law enforcement and prosecution agencies, law firms, private organisations, forensic entities and learning institutions,
  7. Collaborations with reputable vendors, tertiary institutions and law enforcement agencies on research and development,
  8. Building of a government forensic laboratory from a small outfit of 6 staff in the mid-1990s to over 55 staff in 2013.
  9. Playing a significant role in shortening turn-around times for the timely delivery of services, and in meeting and surpassing customers’ expectations.

We have used our expertise to benefit the field of forensic science as a whole, and now we are offering that expertise to you and your team.  Be assured that the forensic consultancy and analysis of physical evidence is carried out in strict and complete confidentiality.

Available for You

  1. Our consultancy and analysis services are available for cases throughout Singapore and beyond. If you want to feel confident and competent in handling your case or when you walk into the courtroom, our group of experts will arm you with the forensic expertise you need to fully understand and build your case.
  2. You can also engage our team of experts to conduct customised training programmes to create forensic awareness or to help you master specific areas in forensic science.
  3. If you have a group of employees or students who need a deeper understanding of forensic science, then our team of experts will present that knowledge in an interesting, passionate and effective manner for them to gain the necessary understanding and skills in forensic science.
  4. We are also dedicated to conduct research on areas of interest to you or your clients and partners.

Our goal is to make expert forensic science accessible to everyone in Singapore and beyond.

Our forensic science experts have a proven track record of success and unparalleled experience to develop solutions that will answer your needs. Give us a call to see how we can help you value-add to your case or to your organisation’s needs.